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What we do and why

Coming together from a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences, our skilled team of volunteers and dedicated aid workers is the backbone of Berlin to Borders. Their compassion and willing to help those in need shapes the mission of our organisation as it continues to develop. 

Our Mission is to ensure the comfort and safety of those in need. We aim to make all human beans we work with feel safe, respected and to remind them that even in times of War and crisis,  the world has kindness, compassion and love.

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Berlin to Borders flourishes by the ability of connecting people to people to ensure the best possible aid gets to the right people at the right place and the right time.
We are dedicated to ensuring the best possible resources within our capability are used. We have a large data base of Medics, Medical supplies, transport aid, crisis centres and are able to directly to connect them quickly and swiftly.

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Are goal is to provide Aid in the moment it is needed most. We have create safe housing and warmth directly within Refugee camps. We provide medical supplies at camps as well as further into war zones where resources are vitally needed. We provide transport, after care, rehousing of refugees and a safe environment for them to flourish once back in our city.

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Berlin to Borders has contacts Europe wide where we source our Aid, but as well as this we have daily donations from our HQ which is based at Holzmarkt Strasse 19, Berlin 

Here we have a free 'shop' for refugees to come and gather aid to their own needs. This is also our 'drop off' where we house and collect much needed donations. Our drivers come and go from here and this is where we then send the Aid and Donations on to where is needed most.

We thank you all for your ongoing support

Mission Statement: Meet the Team
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